Monday, May 16, 2011

Big Things Are Happening!

I am absolutely delighted and amazed to see how far milksharing has come in the last several months. What was once a small, underground community has blossomed into a vast network of mom with extra milk, and babies who need it!

I feel bad that I have not been keeping this blog updated as well as I had hoped. I promise from now on that I will be better about that. :)

I have started by adding a little bit of important information to the Shipping Page and the Freezing instructions. We just want to make sure that the information we provide is 100% clear. Shipping milk can be risky business if not done properly, and we want to arm donors and recipients with the best information possible.

While nothing can ever be guaranteed, Laura and I have a lot of experience with donating, receiving, and shipping milk. Laura has donated to over 30 babies in her several years of donating, and has shipped all over the country. I have been feeding my babies donated breastmilk for two years - most of it shipped. While there are no official rules for shipping breastmilk, we are happy to share what has worked for us and countless other moms in the past.

Later today, I will be adding several helpful videos on how to freeze and ship breastmilk. I'm sure many of you will find it extremely helpful to see Laura in action as she prepares her precious milk to arrive safely in another baby's tummy! :)

There will be much more to come on the Milk Sharing blog over the next several weeks. Everyone, please stay tuned!

We also want to hear from all you wonderful mommies (and daddies!) - What issues of Milk Sharing would you like to see addressed on this blog? Please ask any questions you have in the comments and Laura & I will do our best to help you out!

Keep your eyes peeled - there's lost of great stuff to come!


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